Who are we?

We are here to talk about our emotional wellbeing, so I’m going to avoid all other approaches (spiritual, biological, philosophical, etc.) when answering the question: Who are we?

trauma coach who are we

We are our emotional values. It sounds so simple, I know. But in relation to your emotional health, this understanding will serve you far better than any other definition of who we are. Let me explain.

Love, trust, freedom, gratitude and many other are emotional values. They serve us by helping us to identify with ourselves and our environment. If someone was to challenge any of our most precious values, (e.g. generosity), we would normally perceive this as a personal threat, rather than a criticism of the value itself. So, why is that?

Our emotional values define how we perceive ourselves. So, according to our perception, we are our emotional values. They represent the foundation of our beliefs, our opinions, our judgements and our emotions. This brings up two important questions. Why is perception more important than what is actually there? And secondly, why do our emotional values define our identity?

Why is Important to Understand our Emotional Values

If we don’t care about what our emotional values are, we allow the media, society, religion and our family to choose them for us. Sometimes, they are the same, but when they are not, they may give way to chronic stress and emotional trauma.

We are going to be exposed to challenges and struggles throughout our life. We can confront them whilst being surrounded by our most precious values, or by the ones determined by our external environment. It’s up to us to choose.

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