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Why we Learn the Hard Way?

The survival instinct is one of the strongest driving forces that conditions human behaviour. So, if we’re meant to safeguard our survival, why do we insist on learning the hard way and exposing ourselves to ‘unnecessary pain’? The perception of … Seguir leyendo

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Who are we?

We are here to talk about our emotional wellbeing, so I’m going to avoid all other approaches (spiritual, biological, philosophical, etc.) when answering the question: Who are we? We are our emotional values. It sounds so simple, I know. But in relation to your … Seguir leyendo

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Why is the Fear of Darkness Good for you?

Almost every culture in the world has a bogeyman, an imaginary monster that scares the shit out of kids. ‘If you misbehave, the Bogeyman will come and get you!’. How is it possible that this mystical creature has conditioned the … Seguir leyendo

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